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November 22, 2003


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A lot of you keep asking me how I'm doing this nice retro-grungy-polaroid-like borders and frames around my images. So, here are some explanations. :aww:

First, I don't use any plugin: I consider that borders, like pictures, should be designed by yourself using your own tools - they're part of your own creation. Mine are painted with Photoshop brushes made of pictures of old walls, skotch tape, etc... It's pretty easy to create your own. Just carry a camera with you and keep looking around at the walls. You'll notice interesting patterns, for instance, in broken windows. Shoot them, then convert them to B&W, ensuring that the background is white and the "grunge brush" element is black. Define a brush. And paint with it ;) !

I'm (kindly ;)) providing you two sets of brushes (…… )... if you would like to use mine. They're very large, as I'm currently dealing with 2000x3000 pixels pictures. I don't even ask you to credit me, you can freely use them in your own creations. I would appreciate a link to see what you've done, but, once again, feel free of any constraint. If you find them useful, I would like to read your comment on them ;)
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ohh, Merci beacoup :)
jsmonzani May 15, 2008  Professional Photographer

This is great Jean
i use photo shop a lot to create pieces seen in my gallery [link] / as with brushes these i tend to use when doing digital paintings with a graphics pen/tablet

perhaps you could do a news article on what you have mentioned here in your journal
jsmonzani Apr 14, 2008  Professional Photographer
I'm happy that these were useful.
hi jmonzani, i am s.p.hosimin movie director from india. your works are amazing. no words to describe your wishes..
jsmonzani Mar 30, 2008  Professional Photographer
Thank you for your support :)
PD-Photography Mar 16, 2008   Photographer
Thanks for the brushes...

I have made my own brushes before, but never thought of adding them to a photo, or using them for the boarder etc.

And i agree with " I consider that borders, like pictures, should be designed by yourself using your own tools - they're part of your own creation" bit :)
jsmonzani Mar 16, 2008  Professional Photographer
Very helpful.. and remarkably generous and community spirited. The internet has a habit of breeding a possessive protective side to people.
jsmonzani Mar 15, 2008  Professional Photographer
You're welcome.
What is sad is that I share a lot and at the same time, some people steal my work :petting: I think we're just on both opposite sides of the spectrum of life. :)
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